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5 Key Points To Remember While Investing In Property In Assam

Real estate is almost always a good area to invest in, especially in developing cities like Guwahati. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before investing in any real estate property.

5 Key Points to remember while investing in property in Assam


Urban centres are still growing and shall continue to do so. As such, the timing of an investment is key. Due to the growing population and scarce supplies of properties, the demand will continue to exceed the supply for the next few decades, at least, therefore providing a good opportunity for investment. As they famously say, “the right time to buy a property is now”.


One of the most crucial things to consider before investing in real estate is the location of the property. Guwahati is known as the gateway to the Northeast and as such has the highest potential among all the cities in Northeast India. Almost all the locations in Guwahati with suitable public infrastructure have good prospects, although other major cities like Jorhat, Dibrugarh, Silchar and Aizwal also stand out as excellent destinations.


Besides the location, the build quality is also extremely important before one considers buying any property. The amenities and infrastructure, even around plots, such as the surrounding roads, transit, greenery, etc, have a great impact on property investments.


The next most important aspect to consider before making an investment is the price. Even a good property can turn out to be a bad investment if it is overpriced. One must consider consulting with experts before making a high-value real estate purchase decision.

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Lastly, a careful analysis of all the risk factors must always be done before making an investment. Although real estate is as solid as investments can get, it is not always without risk. One must watch out for documentation trouble, changes in interest rates and financial markets as well as locality de-growth, repairs and maintenance issues, along with force majeure, fraud and other traps.

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